Fleece Dog Booties
Fleece Dog Booties
Fleece Dog Booties

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Fleece Dog Booties

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Booties are not just for humans! These dog Booties are stretchy, comfy and help protect your dogs paws in very cold weather. They are not meant for long walks but quick outings. Included in each set is 4 booties with Toughtek® soles (slip resistant), double sided hook and loop so the booties stay up and fleece to help keep the paw warm and relatively dry. 

How to measure your dogs paw:

Have your dog stand up, and measure the widest part of the paw. Pick the size that is closest. These booties are meant to be rather fitted so size down, if the dog is between sizes. 

For fabric choices and customization or general questions feel free to contact us :

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